Most houses built before 2000 were not designed for the electrical needs of today’s society. One of the most striking new trends today is the increase of electrical and electronic devices in the home. All these use a lot of power, making for plenty of reasons to update your electrical system to keep up with the times.

  • The Number 1 reason to upgrade your homes electrical system is to safeguard yourself and your family. Unfortunately, there have been a number of tragic news reports lately about house fires which were caused by electrical malfunctions. Make sure that your system is up to current code and that your electrical panel is adequate to meet your house’s requirements.
  • Most homes in the US now have not one, but a multitude of personal computers. That’s not to mention entertainment equipment such as video game consoles, large screen plasma TVs, Blu-ray players, and home theater systems with surround sound. All of these devices are tons of fun but they do add an extra burden to your electrical panel.
  • Air conditioning has become a standard feature in an astounding 87 percent of American homes. Even a tiny window unit needs a surprising amount of power (about 500 watts). And if you install central A/C, you’re looking at consumption of 3500 watts. In winter, heating your home with electricity ups the figure as high as 26,500 watts. Make sure that your electrical system is ready for this load.
  • Remodeling is a great way to obtain more square footage of usable living space without moving to a larger home. But whether you remodel your basement or garage or expand your house’s size by building extra rooms, you will need light, heating, cooling, and possible additional appliances. Once again, your electrical requirements will increase.
  • Another stylish way to add space is by transforming your yard or patio into an outdoor living area. Set up a mini fridge and a fire pit or stove, and you’ve got yourself an open air kitchen. What about a hot tub or home spa? Add any of these and you’ll need lighting, power and perhaps a heater or fan as well.
  • An up to date electrical system that is capable of handling modern demands will add to the appeal of your property, if and when you plan to sell. There is a great deal of competition among house sellers. Updating your electrical system will help to make your property stand out in a good way.

If your home needs an electrical system update, or if you just need an electrical repair, contact the experts at Cardinal Electric in West Palm Beach.